Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Game Testers Needed!

Hello Penguins!

As we are nearing the finish line on the new test server we are finally adding in some of the games. They may look the same on the outside, but they are brand new code on the inside that allows us to do some very cool things.

Some of you may have noticed one of the coolest new features that we've added, "watching!" That's right, now you can watch a game in progress and cheer on your friends! It will also help you learn the games if they are still new to you.

We have already begun to squash some bugs in the games, but we need your help to find them all. Please make bug reports as detailed as possible so we can squash them once and for all!

In other news: We are working on sledding right now hoping to have that launched in the next few days. After that we are finishing up the new board game.... wait... I've said to much already.

Until then... Waddle On!

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