Happy new year!

Monday, January 01, 2007
Hello penguins! James and I want a super mega happy new year to you, the party has already begun on club penguin to see the new post:

Happy New Year!!

Hello Penguins!

First of all, thanks for making this Christmas party the biggest ever! We all had a lot of fun and we hope you did too!

Now that were starting a new year, we've got even more cool stuff planned for Club Penguin. There will be new games, new parties, new catalogs, new features, new rooms and a lot more! I'll give you more details as soon as I can.

We also wanted to take a minute to thank you for playing this year. The fact is, you are what makes Club Penguin so great! Your cool ideas and creativity is what keeps it going. So keep up the good work because if you thought this last year has been fun, just wait, it's going to get even better!

Until then... Waddle On!

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