Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bug Squashing!

Hello Penguins!

We had some big bugs squashed this week and fixed a few of the little things that have been tough to find. Anyway here goes...

Fixed Moon walking
We know some of you had fun with this, but others were mad that they didn't know the bug so we finally squashed it.

Fixed Mancala End Game Bug
This one was tricky so it took some time, but its fixed now.

Fixed Stuck Bug
Some penguins would get stuck when they first walked into a room. We think we have squashed most of them, but let us know if it still happens and where it happens.

Fixed Top 2 Lounge Chairs
Now your penguin will finally be able to sit automatically! Ahh the miracles of science!

That's all for now, we'll have more news in the coming days.

Until then, Waddle On!

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